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Welcome, Wheatley '63 Classmate.  Yours is the 53,693th visit.


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"Not a minute of our lives should stretch without some pleasure now." (Anthony & Cleopatra)

"In my opinion, the most fruitful and natural play of the mind is in conversation. I find it sweeter than any other action in life; and if I were forced to choose, I think I would rather lose my sight than my hearing and voice."

"Whatsoever the goods of fortune are, a man must have a proper sense to savour them. It is the enjoying, and not the possessing of them, that makes us happy."

"If it be well with belly, feet, and sides,A king’s estate, no greater good provides."



How to Conduct a Civil Conversation (2020-06-21)

Your webmaster senses that conversations, even among friends, have recently been fraught with extreme sensitivities and political disagreements. We now find it difficult to avoid clumsily stumbling into one conflict or another.

The attached account ,which has been authenticated by Nobel Prize winner Haruki Murakami, offers an uplifting example of  a rewarding and frank convesation where there was toleration and good will on both sides. 


(2020-03-31) The two links above appear to your Webmaster to be related. On the left, updated information about the plague that we now must face; on the right, a 1949 movie masterpiece about a black marketeer who sold adulterated penicillin in post-war Vienna. The eerie music track matches, we think, our feelings during this time.  (Orson Welle's resemblance to David Friedman's black-hatted picture below is purely coincidental. ) 


Frequent  Newsletters Posted at WHEATLEYALUMNI.ORG  (2020-06-21)

Art Engoron's Informative and constantly updated Series of Newsletters regarding all things Wheatley are always available on the Alumni Website: Art is becoming more and more inclusive in his excellent editing of reports from Wheatley alumni: achievements, failures, disappointments, life trajectories,  politics, deaths, local history, and improvised and planned celebrations are described in vivid and photographic detail. Your webmaster encourages all Wheatley Graduates to view Art's postings and to add their wisdom to the site. [Your Webmaster ghosts as Art's Webmaster, too.]




A note from Peggy Meisel to the Class of '63 (2020-01-15)

Was it really 55 years ago I had such a special class? My memories of so many of you are still very clear. Our moments together in which we shared Winesburg, Ohio, Hamlet, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, and especially ending The Catcher in the Rye with a reading of "The Sermon on the Mount," are still so vivid in my mind that I refer to you all in my current teaching of a Seminar in the Classics, and [in]  spearheading a Book Club, both courses held in my new living facility. 

It would be-so nice to see you all again, but it's not doable. But I would love to hear from you again! My very best wishes to you all.   Reach me at: 


‚ÄčDavid Friedman was in the class of '64. (2019-11-24)

Many of us remember him as the timpanist and the vibraphone player who wowed us all in the school band and orchestra. He has continued his excellent music and recently issued an album in which he performs with his son. Learn his remarkable story at 



(2018-04-3) Here's a note from Roy Nierenberg which may be of interest to the healthy and the not so healthy, and to each of us who can admire a strong character. An-interview-with-Roy-Nierenberg-part-1-of-3/

Here are some photos of the 55th Reunion , (Thanks to Art Brody and Art Engoron. )

Your Reunion Committee thanks all those who made the effort to come and join us for this event. 

Ideas, suggestions: Contact Leslie 805-450-3227,


Detectives wanted: Please do check this list of missing classmates: 

Renee Brody;

Cliff Camiel;

Claire Carmody;

Anthony (Tony) Carone;

Reginald (Reggie) Groeneveld;

Wendy Miller;

Keith Ranier;

Joyce Stone (Varonia).

Maybe you might be able to give us some help in finding them! 





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