50th Reunion Summary



We have passed the 50th reunion date, but we have not yet finished with one another. (Photos you all contributed taken at the various events.)


Dory Fliegel's account of our Reunion: read it and you will want to read it again and again.


Group shots of the 50th 

Classmates (high quality here)

Spouses (high quality here)


Want the other pictures:  (will save on your computer as zip file):

  • All of the 50th Reunion Dinner pictures taken by the Pro . (9.7MB)
  • All the 50th Reunion pictures ( Fri, Sat, Sun) taken by us.  (16.7MB)
  • Pictures of us for the last 50 years. (35.2MB)
  • All the Profile pictures we all have uploaded to our Profile. (16.7MB)
  • The 1963 yearbook pictures (0.6MB as best we can reproduce them). This includes the  welcome late-comer, Richard Lawrence. (You have to log in and join before your yearbook picture can be available. So, you other late-comers,  join!) 

From the Program Guide to the 50th Reunion Dinner: 

There are not many opportunities to witness a 50 year cycle.  That many years is half of a long  lifetime; and only a few of us make it very far into that second half.  Still, each of us has been  fortunate enough have parents, relatives or friends who have been together for five decades and who have celebrated those moments. At such times, we’re not just commemorating 50 tours of our solar system. What enlivens us are  the many stories, some whispered, some loud, that pass from guest to guest and from table to table, and that tell   of the  kindness, persistence, vitality, endurance, loyalty, and forgiveness that made a long partnership possible. We've lived seven time seven years away from each other, pursuing our own interests. A good education, our teachers said, enables us to distinguish between the meaningful and the silly, between the true and the false. Some might  say that these kinds of Reunions are silly.  Yet, tonight, we are all here, together. We think this is proof that our education was good, and because our Wheatley  memories and friendships have proven to be both meaningful and true. Our lockers were next to each other for only a few years of the last fifty. But those years have colored all the rest. As we look around, we see each of us smiling. We treasure the moment and wish you the best as our jubilee progresses.

You may contact the "webmaster" directly:  keith@aufhauser.net. Profile info. ]


50th Anniversary Tee Shirt Comments

John Shaffer put on the shirt as he and Pam passed by NYC and met with your Webmaster. 

To you, your committee and the class of 1963,words cannot express our gratitude,love and appreciation for your generosity,kindness and warmth. Your gift arrived Saturday and our thanks to you for making it a memorable day. We look forward to celebrating the 60th with you. With Love , Mel and Cynthia Rosenstein

I received the Wheatley Red Tee shirt last week.  I was delighted and surprised.  That was so nice and generous of you all to send me one ; it brings back all kind all kind of fond memories.  From Peg Meisel

* * NOW VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!! THE TEE SHIRTS ARE STUNNING AND THE ACCOMPANYING NOTE HEARTWARMING!!! Fabulous fabulous project.... This whole project is ready now to go "Wheatley public"....other classes will love what you have created!!!  ~ Leslie

Got them.  Real cute.  Yet to try on.   ~ Nancy (Cohen Kram)

Got mine, but haven’t tried it on yet.  It looks great!  Thanks for all the effort.  ~  Lauren

We just returned to Philadelphia from Florida and I found the package waiting.  I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it looks great! Thank you so much for all of your efforts. Great job!                      ~ Karen Orman

slept in mine last night!!! Will def send a picture!!!   ~ Marilyn Nadel Fox

I received my tee shirt last week. Thanks to all of you. It looks great. Yes. It fit me fine. In fact, I happened to be wearing the tee shirt when I got your email. ~  Gary Krakauer

Got the tee shirt when we returned from a trip last week.  It looks great.  I don't think I'll make another 50, but I'm willing to give it a try.  I'll wear my shirt proudly. Classy packing with the shirt wrapped in tissue paper like it came from an upscale store. Thanks for the time you guys spend maintaining communications for our class. You're great!   ~ Rick Weitz

Hey, I just love mine!!     ~ Jeanne Langlois Kull

Got mine yesterday and it looks great!  Right size, too.  Thanks for doing all the work.  ~  Kit Ryan

The t-shirt looks great. Haven't worn it yet!  ~ Ellen Litwin Fingerman

 Thanks! Got them, love them, {...}.  Hope you are well and looking forward to the next get together. ~ Joanie & Goeff Fitton.


Miscellaneous Remembrances

For many of us, Le Corbeau et le Rénard was our introduction to French poetry. Leslie has preserved  Ms. Scheinin's original version, distributed in class in 8th grade. 

Donna Kenton calls attention Sidney Harman's book "Minding your Own Business"  in which he talks about his friendship with Neil Sullivan and his goals for Wheatley. Here is an excerpt.

Leslie Shiller Fisher has unearthed this 1950 article from Good Housekeeping in which Levitt & Sons tout the modernity of the Roslyn Country Club Development. Leslie says she got it from David Shedrow.


Leslie Schiller Fisher says of the "The 50's" video clip:  "I just love it... and hope it will bring a smile to everyone's day as it did to mine!".


Doris Day on being amorous in the Military (1952)

Ed Sullivan interviews Fidel Castro, 1959. Fidel promises to speak better English for the next interview.

Kennedy gives speech on the Russian Missiles in Cuba

Civil Rights Roundtable 1963: Sidney Poitier, James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Charlton Heston,  Marlon Brando, etc.

Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK.

Lionel Hampton, Stardust


The Wheatley High School Orchestra, circa 1963. 



  • Ever wonder what goes on at a slumber party?  Mary Lee Cerillo has used facial recognition software to identify: Barbara Knudsen, Joan Hennessy, Jeannie Genovese, Jeannie Langlois, Nancy Sterritte, Jessica Dougherty, Kathy Agnew, and Georgeann Zacharkov, 


The exerpts from our profiles, glimpsed together, reveal, some hesitatingly, some voluably,  a variety of life paths, thoughts, and  perpectives. Was all this to have been expected 50 years ago.

What  should classmates reveal in their profiles?  And what is the purpose? Esprit de corps? Blowing one's own horn? Seeking out reassurance? Just being friendly? Affection for high school memories? Nostalgia? Community solidarity? Second chance at high school friendships? Re-discovery of old values?  

"I've headed my own Manhattan-based firm, Omni Capital Corporation, specializing in asset management and funding development-stage public companies for the last 20 years."


"Made Carnegie Hall ensemble debut in June of 1997 with the Connecticut Symphonic Band (now Winds)."

"Recent Traveling in Northern India /Kashmir /Ladak 2012"

"I have learned that sleeping soundly and limiting the number of grams of carbohydrates in my diet helped me to loose weight steadily and maintain it without feeling hungry."

"playing golf, traveling and enjoying life"

"current wrestling official"

"Foreign Disaster Assistance Science Advisor (Global Early Warning Systems) (1977-1992)"

"manufacture fine bamboo cabinetry and furniture"

"Director of Southern California Center for Immune Suppression"

"U.S. Navy, Newport, R.I. 1969 -1971 (Guantanamo, Cuba Summer, 1970)"

"I was a National Delegate from the State of Virginia for Obama in 2008"

"...classical music was a fortuitous but happy destination for me."


"RN, Oncology Nurse - Coordinator Infusion Center"

"I work for Daniel Gale Sotheby`s and have been selling Real Estate since 1984"

"We spent two amazing years,1969-71, in La Paz, Bolivia in the Peace Corps where it felt like we received more from that wonderful culture and its people than we gave!"

"almost getting killed in mr. saunder's driver's ed class (won't say who was driving)."

"Jim credits it all to the Calvin Klein jeans I wore back in those days."

"studio potter"

"I am a racist for criticizing Obama"


"...our home and almost 600 others had been destroyed in what came to be known as The Painted Cave Fire."

"Mostly worked as an engineer, project specialist and team leader for large scale logisitcs projects."

"I remember wearing a white satin tuxedo and being the band leader in the first grade circus"

"The economy was not kind to my business and I am inactive but do part-time tutoring and volunteer work for the Jewish Federation which is very fulfilling"

"I was the system engineer on this new Frigate FFG&, the Perry Class. It was designed to escort merchat ships across the ocean."

"Recent Teaching in Northern India/ Pakistan/Kashmir /Ladak 2012"

"the 'Corporate Good Ole Boys Club' wasn't for me"

"They were like me, finding themselves, first, in a world that wasn't kind to us."

"Retired School Counselor"

"drug trafficking and international terrorism"

"retail furniture business as both salesperson and manager"

"Then the wind of graduation blew us to the far corners of life. What happened to us all?"

"That's a lot of life! I've experienced great joy and painful loss as I imagine we all have..."

"Also caring for my mother (94), who still lives in Roslyn in the house where I grew up,"

"Look for me on :growingbolder.com~~I am the "Eclectic Collector""

"Since retiring, I have taken on some additional part-time work to help pass the day"

"presently teaching Canasta to small groups"


"a clinical social worker and certified addictions counselor for 25 years"

"... I was the only one with my hand up. It made me realize how lucky we all were to go to Wheatley"

"disappointment at not making the soccer team in 9th grade; the fun of taking part in the philosophy club; the smell of Prof Lineweaver's biology room"

"perhaps it is a dream, but I like to think that dance, along with the study of movement and human emotion, can help us in the pursuit of world communication and peace"