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  Welcome, Wheatley '63 Wildcats, Hipcats and Housecats.  Yours is the 38,694th visit.

Here's a note from Roy Nierenberg which may be of interest to the healthy and the not so healthy, and all looking for an example of a strong character. An-interview-with-Roy-Nierenberg-part-1-of-3/


55th annual reunion.

Date: October 5, 6, and 7. 

Here are those who have indicated they will attend, as of August 17, 2018. 

Aufhauser, Keith All Events
Benjamin, Carol Abby    All Events
Benjamin, Mel All Events
Bernstein, Kathleen Chaikin All Events
Brody, Arthur All Events
Brody, Linda Erdmann All Events
Bond, Mark Still Deciding
Bond, Marty Still Deciding
Cohen, Allan Sat/Sun Only
Cohen, Linda Sat/Sun Only
Daughety, Jessica Hale  Still Deciding
Eisner, Maxine Pollack Sun -Only
Fields, Fretta Fri/Sun -Only
Fingerman, Bart All Events
Fingerman, Ellen Litwin  All Events
Fisher, Leslie Schiller  All Events
Fisher, Michael All Events
Fitton, Goeff Still Deciding
Fitton, Joanie Still Deciding
Fox, Marilyn Nadel  Sat/Sun Only
Fox, Stuart Sun -Only
Friedman, Marcia Mayer All Events
Gross, Susan All Events
Hersh, Bob All Events
Hersh, Louise Sobin All Events
Holzman, Maida  Ingalls  All Events
Jacobs, Beth All Events
Jacobs, Robert All Events
Kenton, Donna All Events
Krakauer, Gary Sat/Sun Only
Krakauer, Heide Sat/Sun Only
Kram, Leonard Fri/Sat -Only
Kram, Nancy Cohen Fri/Sat -Only
Kraman, Frannie Freedman Still Deciding
Krane, Deborah Crane Campanella Sat/Sun -    Only
Lamitola, Marianne Downey All Events
Langlois, Jeanne Kull Still Deciding
Levy, Fran Possible conflict
Miller, Susan Astor Fri – possible Sun
Murphy Carpenter, Margo All Events
Murphy, Robert All Events
Nierenberg, Juliette Fri -Only
Nierenberg, Roy All Events
Orman, David Lewis Still Deciding
Orman, Karen Schaffel Still Deciding
Schaffer, Jon Sat/Sun -    Only
Schaffer, Pam Sat/Sun -    Only
Schwartz, Susie All Events
Stone, Elizabeth Matho All Events
Stone, Katie Matho Sun -Only
Weitz, Rick All Events

Total respondents: 41  -   Fri: 30 / Sat: 37 / Sun: 39

Here is what Leslie Schiller has written to our classmates regarding the 55th Reunion: 

August 16, 2018 


Dearest Classmates,


We know that so many of you have been kind enough to respond already but just in case you have not, circumstances change or you just need a refresher on all that is to come in just a little less than 2 months from now, we wanted you to have the details! This is going to be a special gathering, we promise!


The countdown begins! It’s time to remind you that our special 55th Reunion Weekend is fast approaching, arrangements are in place and all we need is your delightful presence to make the weekend perfect!

We all have matured in so many ways since graduation, have gained great wisdom through each of our life experiences and have so very much to share with each other!


Our Friday night event, Oct 5th, 2018, will be held at Clark Botanical Gardens, 193 I.U. Willets Road, Albertson, in their Library at the Main House. You may arrive early (5-6pm) to take advantage of strolling through the beautiful gardens before our evening event begins, 6pm to 10pm. The cost for this event is $20 per person.


Our Saturday night event, Oct 6th, 2018, will be held at “Antonette’s”, 290 Glen Cove Road, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577, from 6:45pm to 11:00pm. Dress code is ‘Casual Elegance’, sport jacket and slacks for the men with appropriate attire for the women. The cost for this event is $75.00. *& **. (see below for */**)


Our last event of the weekend will be held  Sunday, Oct 7th, 2018, 12noon, when we will be hosted for brunch by Marcia Friedman Mayer, (Thank you Marcia!) once again at her beautiful home in Laurel Hollow (driving directions will be sent to you closer to reunion weekend). The cost for this event will be only $10.00 per person to help cover cost of beverages and incidentals since Marcia has warmly offered to provide lunch, welcoming us to her home in her always gracious way.


To re-cap costs: Friday evening $20.00pp/

Saturday night $75.00 per person *  &  **

and Sunday Brunch $10.00 per person. 


* Please remember to advise us of any dietary restrictions (i.e. Vegetarian, Gluten Free) that you may require, when sending in your payment (see below).    

 ** Non-refundable after Sept 4th, 2018.


Please respond to this email by replying to me at as to whether you are able to be with us or not. (again, either way if you have not already, so that we know!) 

If you are able to join us, please make your check payable to:  Wheatley 1963 Reunion Fund, ASAP and mail it to Donna Kenton, 245 E.24th St., #2B, NY, NY 10010.


We are so very excited about the possibility of seeing you in a little less than two months from now! If you would like to join us but find you need some help with finances for the events, please contact me at above email, as we are in the process of finding a way to help you, that we promise will be held in the strictest of confidences.


Saturday daytime activities are still in the planning stage but we are hoping to do another visit to each school; Wheatley, Willets Road, & North Side. Once arrangements are completed & confirmed, we will let you know!


The lists here on the website may spark your interest and spur you to attend, even for just one event if that is all you can commit to. Detectives wanted: Please do check this list of missing classmates: Renee Brody; Cliff Camiel; Claire Carmody; Anthony (Tony) Carone; Reginald (Reggie) Groeneveld; Wendy Miller; Keith Ranier; & Joyce Stone (Varonia), and maybe you might be able to give us some help in finding them! 


Hoping to see you soon!


 Our warmest wishes always,

 Leslie, Mary Lee, Marianne, Donna, Maida, Kathy, Louise, Keith & Marcia


Other news:

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